Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random pictures of my Craft Studio

A few weeks ago,this was a fancy Dining Rm. that we never used. I changed the kitchen space around and was able to fit the dining room table there and make a craft studio in this room. Im so happy I did, its a great space, and I love being able to leave my projects out. This big sewing table was a major renovation. We drug it out of someones old shed, very, very shabby and not very chic. The legs were originally a mustard yellow un~color.The top was thrashed. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned,and painted it cream with mint trim. Its such a great table, has the two leaves on the side,so if I need all of that space, for sewing a quilt maybe,I really have a lot of room. The table was an old industrial sewing table with room for two sewing machines.

Below is a bookcase/hutch, with glass doors that used to hold dishes,now its full of fabric and craft books,and other things that I love.

Below is my smaller sewing table and desk.

Below is a memoryboard I made from an old frame I painted and a foam core insert,covered in fabric. My daughter and my Grandma Ada are the pictures.  


  1. Nice craft room,and im sure you get good light in there. It's nice be able to leave out your work too. So fun to see everyones work space, i have taken over a bedroom in our house. lol

  2. ooooooo your own space!! fabulous :D Linda x